Initial Consultation
(60 minutes)


Initial Session Includes:

  • Detailed assessment of past medical history, diet history, lab reports, lifestyle, health concerns and goals of care

  • Customized treatment (or action) plan that both meets lifestyle needs and health goals

Follow Up Sessions
(20-30 minutes)


Follow-up sessions are tailored to each individual patient, but typically include:

  • Discussion of food log and/or current dietary intake patterns

  • Review of meal plan (if applicable)

  • Monitoring of progress and modifications to the treatment plan

Optional: these sessions may be conducted on a walk or via video conference — just ask!

Weight Management Package
(Initial Consult + 10 Follow Ups)


Studies show Medical Nutrition Therapy provided by a RDN for six to twelve months yields significant mean weight losses of up to 10% of body weight with maintenance of this weight loss beyond one year. This package includes the initial consult and ten follow up sessions to ensure you meet and sustain your goals!

Virtual Sessions

Available for those who don’t live in the greater Denver area or for those who simply prefer to meet virtually. Contact me for more information.

Pantry Makeover


A well-stocked pantry with healthy options is vital to your success. We’ll walk through your kitchen together and identify foods that have lower nutrient value and may be holding you back from meeting your goals. Don’t worry, we’ll also come up with a list of delicious replacements (healthy food does no good if no one eats it). I also organize your pantry for ease of use and provide food storage tips. We’ll review label reading, discuss healthy snacks, and develop a personalized shopping list based on your nutrition needs.

Grocery Store Tour


Going to the grocery store can be overwhelming, yet preparing healthy meals begins with having healthy ingredients on-hand. Learn how to navigate the grocery store based on your individual nutrition needs (such as preventative health, a specific condition or special diet, food allergies and intolerances). Learn healthy shopping tips, label reading, time-saving strategies and more at the store of your choice.

Custom 3-Day and 7-Day Meal Plans

$25 / $50

Meal plan with grocery list based on your specific energy and nutrient needs that’s tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.

"Make Your Lunch and Learn"
Group Cooking Class

(Price Varies)

Preparing for college is about more than just grades. This class is targeted to high school students and focuses on establishing healthy eating behaviors. Each participant will prepare their lunches and snacks for the school week based on a set menu determined ahead of time. During meal prep, there is a nutrition education component to help prepare students for maintaining healthy habits when they eventually leave home and are left to make their own meal choices