Working with Abby has been life changing!

I feel like a completely different person. Within the first 3 months of my diet I lost 30 pounds! 

Solomon S, 17 years old (August, 2017)

She tailored her help for me to meet me where I am, rather than giving me a "one size fits all" solution.

Working with Abby has been a great way for me to learn more about nutrition for my body. She has given me the realistic tools so that I can achieve my goals long term. I like that she doesn't endorse crash diets or fads, but sets you up with sustainable practices that I can use for the rest of my life. She is very supportive and at the same time provides honest guidance. I feel so lucky to have found her and can't recommend her enough!

Rachel L, 30 years old (June, 2017)

I know good clinical advice and communication, personal contact to educate and nurture the patient. That’s what I tried to do for my own patients the last fifty years, and that’s what Abby Seeb has done for us.

Both my ailing wife and I have consulted Abby L. Seeb for her expertise as a nutritionist. She visited us in our home. (I thought I was the only clinician who makes house calls.) She carefully calculated her recommendations for us, communicated and discussed them face-to-face and in e-mails. She even prepared foods for us to convince us what she recommended was more than merely palatable, and sometimes she even delivered them to us. 

Nathan P, 65 years old (April, 2017)

Abby gave me one or two goals a week, and I have been consistently losing 1 pound per week.

I have struggled with losing the baby weight, and losing weight in general.  I have thyroid issues, which makes losing weight difficult.  I have tried a lot of diets, low carb, shakes, tracking points, but I couldn’t figure out how to lose weight.

— Terri S, 41 years old (December, 2018)

She pushes me to create goals and plans that I can stick with and that will be lifelong healthy habits, not quick fixes.

Working with Abby has been life changing. She looks at my health in a holistic and realistic way. Thanks to support from Abby I feel healthy inside and out.

— RD, 30 years old (January 2019)

Abby’s really an expert. She knows a ton about different foods, and how they affect our bodies.

And what’s more, Abby has practical suggestions – and actual (commercially-available) products and manufacturers to recommend – to address a multitude of health issues. Abby’s compassionate, and a great listener. She’s generous with her time, and follows up with her patients to see how they’re doing. I’m so happy to have found Abby!

— DL, 51 years old (December, 2018)

My experience with Abby has been amazing!

Not only does she just tell me what is healthy and what's not, she explains it in a way I can relate to and integrate into my life. I have learned so much about nutrition! I feel healthier. I look healthier. Her guidance has really helped me. She helped me to change my lifestyle. It's not just a "diet" -- and she teaches you that.

Simi S, 15 years old (August, 2017)